11 Mothers’ Favorite Efficient Cooking Kitchen Design

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One of the activities that are synonymous with housewives is cooking. Cooking is not just a hobby, but also an obligation and a necessity. Imagine if the mothers do not cook for several days, surely the father and son will starve or spend extra money to buy food outside. Those are some reasons why the kitchen cooking at home is always “steaming”.

Because this cooking kitchen is used every day, of course it must be designed as well as possible, starting from the floor plan, furniture layout, to multifunctional kitchen utensils. Thus the kitchen will feel more efficient in terms of energy and finance.

When viewed from a layout perspective, there is a concept that makes it easier for mothers, namely the kitchen work triangle. The kitchen work triangle is a concept where there are three main working points, namely the stove, the laundry, and the refrigerator which are most often used when cooking.

These three points are connected by shadow lines to form a triangle. The location is not far away, so the users of this cooking kitchen don’t have to go far to reach it.

Now, after understanding the kitchen work triangle concept, what is the placement theory and efficient cooking kitchen design that is a favorite of mothers? Check out the discussion directly from us below!

1. Distance for passing paths in the kitchen cooking design

passing paths in the kitchen cooking design

The door in the kitchen cooking area is at least about 80 cm in size and pay attention to the location where it is placed. When the door is opened, make sure it is not hitting furniture, cupboards, stoves, and cooking utensils . If you want to be safer, just use the sliding door model for your kitchen.

In the cooking area, make sure there is a distance of about 106 cm for standing and walking from the stove for comfort and safety. You don’t want to, if you have to walk slowly so you don’t touch the hot pot?

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