12 Unique Bathroom Designs Super Creative!

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The bathroom is part of a residence which usually has a small portion of space but plays an important role. If in one day an average person goes to the bathroom 6-8 times per day, in one year you visit your bathroom up to 2,500 times! If in one bathroom you spend an average of 5 – 10 minutes, imagine how much time you spend in the bathroom?

So, it’s no wonder that many people put more effort into the bathroom design they have. Not only comfortable, many also dare to experiment with bathroom designs to create many unique bathroom designs.

Given the fact that on average more than 50% of people think of ideas and what they need to do that day in the bathroom, of course unique bathroom designs can stimulate creative thinking while in the bathroom.

Are you also interested in bringing a unique bathroom to your residence? Come on, look at the following 12 unique bathroom designs inspirations that might be implemented in your home!

1. Unique Bathroom with Mosaic

Unique Bathroom with Mosaic

Mosaic ceramics or stones arranged in a mosaic may already be familiar to be used as bathroom decorations. But this will be unique if you arrange the mosaic ceramic crafts to form a certain pattern or image. This unique bathroom with wave mosaic tiles is an example.

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Combining various types of ceramics and arranging them in attractive shapes not only makes your unique bathroom stand out but also more dynamic. Also try experimenting with different combinations of materials to create mosaic patterns such as natural stone, ceramic shards and mirrors.

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