17 Door Design for Interior and Exterior of this Residential

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In designing a house, the door is one element that is quite important. Both as an entrance to the house and circulation between spaces in the house. Along with the development of time and technology, door designs also experience development.

Starting from the technique, technology, form, to the material used to create the door is now very diverse and can be adjusted to the desires and tastes. Of the many existing door designs, about what kind of door design is suitable for your residence?

Let’s look at a variety of door designs based on the following forms, technology, and popular materials, and find the most appropriate door design choices for your residential style.

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Door Design Based on Shape and Style

1. Classical / Traditional

Classical door

This one door design style is one of the most popular door design styles. This type of door formation generally consists of square panels with varied combinations. Sometimes combined with glass. Most doors of this design use wood .

Classic designs like this are suitable for any residential style, especially classics. However, it is not very suitable for you who want a large door opening.

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