25+ Inspiring Minimalist Kitchen Set for Small Kitchen

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Things To Look For In Choosing A Minimalist Kitchen Set

Before you decide to make a kitchen set for your small kitchen, there are some things you should think about first.

These include the selection of materials, kitchen set workers, and so on.

Here are some things you should consider if you want to make a kitchen set in your kitchen.

1. Kitchen Area

The first thing you should consider is estimating and calculating the area of ​​your kitchen. This is very important because by calculating the area of ​​your kitchen, you can determine the design of the kitchen as what fits the size of your kitchen.

In addition, by calculating the area of ​​your kitchen you can sort out which things you need and don’t need on your kitchen set.

For small kitchens, of course you should prioritize the main kitchen set.

These include the upper cabinet such as a place for cutlery and other small appliances, the bottom cabinet is a place to put cooking utensils such as a frying pan, a pan, and others.

By making these measurements will make the kitchen set that will be made will match your kitchen.

2. Basic Materials

In making kitchen sets there are a lot of materials that can be used to make kitchen sets.

Among these materials are block board, MDF, and also multiplex. In general, materials that are often used are multiplex materials because they are durable and strong.

Materials can also use materials such as teak wood, but the costs must also be greater.

3. Finishing Materials

One of the important processes in making a kitchen set is the finishing process. This finishing process is the process of making the kitchen set look more beautiful.

Also in the finishing process is usually given a protective material on the material so that the kitchen can be durable and avoid damage. Some of the finishing materials are melamic, deco sheet, duco, and also HPL.

Melamic is a liquid for coating the outside of kitchen set furniture. How to use melamic is enough to spray melamic liquid on the furniture.

To keep this melamic working properly is to prevent furniture from getting wet and must also be cleaned frequently so as not to trigger mold growth on furniture.

Deco sheet is a tool for coating furniture which is done by sticking it. This deco sheet has elastic and thin material along with motifs such as wood veins.

The use of deco sheet is most suitable for use in kitchens where the intensity of its use is quite rare to process dishes with heavy types. This material is suitable for coating the top cabinet.

High pressure laminate or abbreviated as HPL is a material of thin plastic.

For use and installation is almost the same as deco sheet, only this HPL has a thickness that is more than the deco sheet.

HPL is widely used as a finishing material because this material is very easy to clean and has good resistance to heat and oil.

4. Kitchen Set Design Concepts

The most important thing in making a kitchen is the design of the kitchen set. In choosing this design you must prioritize size and also its benefits first rather than confused choosing a unique and complicated design.

That’s because there are so many unique and complicated kitchen set designs that sometimes can’t accommodate your kitchen activity needs so well.

Therefore, in choosing this design you better take into consideration such as the size of the kitchen area, kitchen use activities, and other crucial things.

Do not let you focus more on the beauty of the design so that when installing the kitchen set it turns out that your kitchen space is not enough. Also adjust the design of the kitchen set with the look of the house to keep it in harmony and sync.

5. Placement of Equipment

Thinking about the place of equipment is also quite important in making an effective kitchen set. For those of you who have a small kitchen area.

You can focus on placing only the essential tools. Meanwhile other less important cooking utensils such as mixers, blenders, dispensers and so on have just been thought of and adjusted according to the size of the kitchen set.

6. Using Expert Install Services

Kitchen set installed in the kitchen space in addition to having the main function as a storage area for various things related to the kitchen can also be one of the properties enhancing the beauty of your home.

Therefore, use experts who are really skilled and trusted so that the installation of kitchen sets can really be installed properly and also has artistic value.

7. See References

Making a kitchen set in your kitchen certainly cannot involve one thing. In making there are roles of several parties such as woodworkers, electricians, and so on.

Therefore the costs used to make this kitchen can also vary according to needs. If you don’t have a picture yet, you can see some kitchen set references for small kitchens.

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