3 Alternative Ways to Display Photos at Home

Bored with how to display the same photo? Want to place it in another way? Of course there are still many ways to try as long as there is space and space in the room. Because photos are an easy choice to decorate or decorate a house, why not maximize the appearance?

Display Photos at Home

The method that can be done is as below. You can create more, but the three below can be used as a source of initial ideas for alternative ways to display photos at home. Congratulations!

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Take advantage of the Wall to Display Photos

Displaying photos on the wall is normal, right? However, the arrangement will make it look different. Arrange with a certain pattern or arrangement, use a varying size frame, place it in sufficient quantities, then make a gallery wall on the wall.

With the design gathered, the photos can be highlighted, the walls will not look empty, and the most important favorite photos can appear more attractive.

Display Photos at Home

Use the Strap to Install Photos

This method might have been seen before. If not, the way is simple, use a rope or any media that can be used to hang photos and attach the rope to the wall. The photo can then be clamped or affixed to the rope to create an attractive photo hanger display.

There are many creations that can be tried, for example the rope is installed vertically, horizontally, or in a certain pattern. The rope can also be combined with other accessories so that it can enhance the overall appearance.

The hanged photo can certainly be an attractive accent on the wall and beautify the entire interior of the room.

Creative with Other Materials

Media for placing or displaying photos can be anything, not just limited to frames. Even frameless photos can still be displayed at home using other media.

One of them is wire, metal, or iron. Especially if the metal or wire has a certain shape that can be used to attach photos.

The material can be mounted on the wall then pinch the photo. Arrange the placement and number of photos to highlight the material used. In addition, if the material is iron or metal in the form of a grid , it is not only useful for displaying photos, but also as a display area for other objects as well as storage .

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