30+ Inspiring Bohemian Home Decor

Bohemian home decor is a style that is colorful and mixed with ethnic styles, hippies and also vintage. However, there are distinctive features in bohemian style.

The word Bohemian has actually been known for a long time. Initially, this term was used to describe the non-traditional lifestyles of people who lived wandering or homeless in the mid-1800s.

Later, the term became synonymous with the word “gypsy”, which is a term applied to those who leave Bohemia in Central Europe to escape from rigid rules.

They are nomads who do not like to stay in a place for a long time. Bohemian tends to refer to a free personality. Traveling continuously is an important aspect of a bohemian lifestyle.

If we are looking for a definite character from a bohemian style, the answer is no. Bohemian style is present because of disorder and uncertainty. All are made spontaneously and utilize whatever objects are there.

Here are some characteristics of Bohemian Style:

1.Far from luxurious and expensive.

Bohemian home decor style often collaborates with objects or furniture that tend to be cheap.

bohemian home decor

This style also often uses everyday items as one of the home decorations, for example used jars, used cardboard boxes, bottle caps, paper crafts , and other items that are collected and shaped to create an aesthetic value that looks chic and beautiful.


Textile materials are the most important element of bohemian home decor. Usually applied to pillows, carpets, curtains, and other upholstery.

bohemian fabric style

Patterns, colors, and textures must be as important. Fabric must look contrasted and harmony is not required. Usually, bohemian style fabrics are very colorful and patterned. Stacks of several fabrics with various textures are often seen in all spaces in bohemian interiors.


Natural light is another important factor of this style. Make a large window so that natural light can enter the maximum.

bohemian light style

The bohemian style is very free-spirited and quite wild so it is important to integrate the outdoor atmosphere into the house. Colored glass can also be a beautiful element during the day or night. Colorful lights, lanterns with ethnic motifs, and chandeliers are the types most often used in bohemian styles.


Bohemian style furniture usually looks old and has long been used. Furniture from a different period and from different parts of the world are often grouped together in one room.

bohemian furniture

Furniture vintage is a reasonable type of furniture used, but often covered with a new cloth or plus accents of colorful, quilt, or pillow. Bohemian style furniture also often incorporates many textures. Old short cabinets are sometimes repainted and then used with pillows on it as additional seating.


Another feature of bohemian style interiors is the use of unique knick knacks such as colorful pillows.

bohemian accessories

Pillows are the most widely used element. Other accessories that are often used are ethnic accessories such as sculptures, abstract paintings, dangling cloths, flowering motif knick knacks and tribal motifs.


The wall plays an important role in the bohemian style. Place unique decorations on the wall, for example hanging plates, trays, jars, or attaching magazine covers with a unique and thick look of bohemian motifs and nuances.

bohemian wall decor

We must be smart to arrange and play the composition of shapes and colors so that unusual objects do not look strange to look at. You can give a bohemian touch to the wall by painting it like a chessboard (painted chest) or make a big picture that is quite striking, with vintage patterns or figures of the ancients.


There are no specific color rules in the bohemian style. The interior of the room is usually full of different colors and patterns usually associated with culture or somewhere in the world that is attractive to its owner.

bohemian color decor

One of the many beauties of the bohemian style is the complete absence of rules. We could use 20 different color choices or maybe only three, or maybe even just nuanced one color.

8.Plants in the house

Bohemian style is a style that is close to nature. Bohemian style often incorporates natural elements in the decoration of the room.

bohemian style

This we can find from the use of living plants placed in pots, and presented in the room. The selected living plants are mostly ordinary plants that are small in size and do not need complicated care.

Occasionally, the plants chosen are plants with flowers, but leafless plants without flowers tend to be preferred.

9.The floor is equipped with carpet

To perfect all the details of the bohemian style, complete with the selection of hardwood flooring.

Bohemian style rugs

Hardwood flooring was chosen because it is attached to the thick natural feel found in a bohemian style room. Wood floors are also usually covered with carpet, for example Persian rugs. The carpet chosen is a carpet that has plain and patterned features.

In conclusion, bohemian style is a style for people who don’t like rules and are free-spirited, who like to mix ethnic motifs, bright colors and vintage to create a style of design that is completely new and unique.

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bohemian home decor


bohemian home decor



bohemian living room decor



bohemian home decor

bohemian home decor

bohemian living room decor

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bohemian home decor


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    I was so pleased to see some photos that I have never seen before. Usually articles only recycle the same photos.
    I love Boho in all elements of my life. Like shabby chic, it is pretty to look at and way beyond comfortable to own.
    There are a certain 4 colors in boho…aqua, orange, red and green. There is a dark sensuous boho that uses black, Royal purple, navy blue and fish is.

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