40+ Latest Minimalist Small Bathroom Designs 2023

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The bathroom is a place that serves to cleanse yourself while relaxing the body. Therefore, the design of the bathroom must be made as comfortable and beautiful as possible even though it has a small size. Small bathroom is indeed a problem because it has a very limited area.

The bathroom is certainly not like other rooms that can be rearranged at any time. For this reason, the arrangement of a small bathroom must be designed in advance so as to have a long-term effect.

Although small, the bathroom still has to meet the needs of sanitation, waterways and good lighting.

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Small bathroom can also be designed to be more beautiful and attractive. So the area of ​​the room is not a problem for us to have a bathroom design that is not only comfortable, but also has a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. Well, here is the inspiration for a small bathroom designs that you can try.

1. Minimalist Small Bathroom Designs

Small Size Bathroom with Natural Stone  

The size of your bathroom is too small so it is not possible to use a bathtub? Then try the design of a small bathroom with a shower like this. Using a shower in a small bathroom certainly will not take a lot of space and is more practical.

Place the shower in the corner of the bathroom and do not forget to attach the partition so that the water does not splash everywhere.

For a small bathroom design, you should use a glass partition so that the bathroom looks more spacious. The design of a small bathroom with a shower is very suitable to be applied to a rectangular bathroom. To be more beautiful, lengthy paintings or decorations are interesting.

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