5 Beautiful Modern Home Design Ideas with Exposed Brick

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Brick is one of the favorite materials that is often used as a material for making house walls. Having good resistance, you can now build a modern exposed brick house to create a cooler, more charming appearance.

Still can’t imagine what the model of a house looks like by applying exposed bricks? Next, we will share some modern home design that is not only beautiful, but also unique because it is different from the usual home models. Instead of getting more curious, let’s just take a peek together below!

1.Minimalist Exposed Brick on the Main Door

Exposed Brick on the Main Door

The first inspiration is the use of exposed bricks on the main door of the house. This modern exposed brick material is combined with a bit of exposed concrete on the wall to the right of the door, giving it a unique and anti- mainstream feel .

This modern minimalist exposed brick house also looks attractive with large openings and a neat terrace area. To make it more stylish, you can also combine it with various Japanese furniture in the house.

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