5 Cute and Fun Kids Bathroom Ceramic Design

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Toddlers find it difficult to shower. Yes, this problem is no stranger to young parents. Various reasons arise, such as not wanting to take a shower with cold and lazy water. In fact, bathing is an important activity because children under five are still active and like to play everywhere.

Cycling, running, playing with sand, and others actually make it sweaty, dirty, and must be bathed so that germs and bacteria disappear.

One way for children to shower diligently is to have a bathroom tile design that is funny, playful, and friendly for the baby. Ceramics are chosen so that the bathroom walls do not quickly become damp and weathered.

This time, We wants to share inspirations for kids bathroom ceramic design that can be used as a reference so that children want to be invited and be diligent in bathing. Let’s look together below.

1. Colorful Kids Bathroom Ceramic Design

Colorful Bathroom Ceramic Design

Mix and match various colors of ceramics in the design of bathroom ceramics can also be a solution so that children are diligent to take a shower. Choose three main colors and one neutral color to balance it.

For example, the three main colors are dark blue, light blue, and orange and white as neutral colors. Install intermittent wall tiles intermittently. Each main color is interspersed with white so it isn’t too tense.

In the sink area, you can put orange tiles around the mirror. To make the bathroom tile design more cheerful, add colorful polka-dot patterned tiles around the mirror and extend it to an empty wall area. Balance it again with the white color on the surface of the sink, bathtub, and toilet.

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