5 Lodging Designs in the World are as Comfortable as Home

Going on vacation for days means you need lodging. There are many things to consider when choosing accommodation, starting from price, cleanliness, facilities, location, and no less important is the interior design that is carried.

Today there are many inns that “sell” designs. Either with a very unique and comfortable design even though the room is small, or luxury design in a large room like a palace. Equally making guests not want to go home, take a peek at five lodging designs that make the following feel at home.

1. Instagramable in Yats Colony style

Instagramable like Yats Colony

Actually, the interior design in the Yats Colony inn rooms is minimalist. The wooden furniture that dominates the room – from the bed to the multifunctional dressing table – becomes a warm background while completing the artistic impression that is presented through the selection of bright room decorations.

Lodging Designs

If you get bored in the room, go out to the swimming pool surrounded by greenery. Then relax in a sitting area parallel to the surface of the pool water. Almost every corner of this inn can be used as a photo spot so it is only natural that Yats Colony is Instagramable.

2.Artistic lodging room design in Artotel

artotel room

Artotel not only provides comfortable lodging, but is also full of art. The types of art that can be found here are mural or graffiti paintings. Each room has a different painting.

For example in one of the rooms of this inn, there is a black and white mural painting. The color is similar to the interior design of the room which has exposed concrete walls. This room has a desk and chair. Uniquely, the model of the table is made smaller at the ends so it does not obstruct the room for the guests.

3.Luxurious and traditional accommodation at Ubud Bali Resort

Ubud Bali Resort

This inn is a traditional nuance with tough bamboo material. The canopy is very large and has a curved shape. This semi-open room overlooks beautiful natural scenery.

The bed area is given a mosquito net as a privacy guard and insect repellent. At the end, there is a functional table and cushion and adds to the aesthetic value of the inn.

beautiful Lodging Designs
Ubud Bali Resort room

The Ubud Bali Resort Inn also offers rooms with underwater views. The floor is made of translucent glass with a strong wooden frame. Guests can watch the fish swim without diving.

4.Minimalist lodging design and save space in Cara Cara Inn

Cara Cara Inn resort

With the right arrangement of furniture, small lodging rooms can be very comfortable. Examples such as Cara Cara Inn’s room.

Not a regular bunk bed, the first mattress is in the corner of the room, while the other mattress is in the upper area that can be reached by a special ladder. The bottom of the bed is used as a relaxing area with a comfortable beanbag.

pantry area

The pantry area combined with the laundry room is no less adorable. The floor is patterned in light blue geometry and the walls are left exposed. The colorful furniture used makes the area in the Cara Cara Inn inn cheerful and full of life.

5.Oneday Hostel lodging designs is like a home

Oneday Hostel

The rooms at Oneday Hostel look as comfortable as your own home. With an industrial concept that seems softer, exposed brick walls are painted white to create a room that feels cleaner.

Hardwood floors bring warmth into the inn room. Meanwhile, the decoration of the room is left minimalist and only comes with some unique shaped lamps. Feels like being in the bedroom of your own home, right?

dining room oneday hostel

The design of the inn’s dining area is also not to be missed. The long dining table in the middle of the dining room is left empty with green plants hanging inside. The roof is triangular in shape with glass material so that sunlight can illuminate this area.

Feels like a dream home, you will definitely want to linger in the five inns above. Are you interested in staying in one of the places above?

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