5 Simple Ways To Refresh Room Design

In order to welcome the new year, what have you prepared? How about bringing a new atmosphere to your house? Renewing the appearance of a room in a home can bring new energy, perfecting the enthusiasm to welcome a new year.

There are many ways you can do to refresh the design of a room that looks outdated, be it a major overhaul or the addition of small details. Even so, don’t let you miss one thing.

In renewing the design of the room, not only the visual beauty that needs to be achieved, but the comfort of the room user becomes the main. Choose objects that can add value to the comfort of the room design. Know your comfort criteria in the following 5 ways!

1.Changing the color of paint in the room design

Changing the color of paint

The new color polishing applied to some elements of the room design, such as furniture and decorating accessories as well as the overall space, is indeed effective in creating a different impression. Color can give a new rhythm to the old room design.

Changing the room color

Some of the ways that you can do to change the color on the design of the room is to paint the walls with a unique way, applying wallpaper walls , and re-color the furniture. Color changes in room design can also be presented through soft furnishings such as pillowcases, curtains , carpets , and lamp shades .

2.Match the material with the atmosphere you want to present

match room design with interior material

One element that is very influential in the formation of room design is interior material. The choice of materials made from wood or textured for example, can present a warm natural atmosphere in the design of the room. In addition, wood is also soundproof so that it can protect the privacy of users of the room.

match interior material with room design

If you want to bring a cool impression to the room design, use ceramic or natural stone materials such as marble and granite as floor and wall coatings. For a more modern impression, glass or mirrors can be installed as decorative or bulkhead ornaments.

3.Choose the motif you want to display

Choose the motif you want to display

Renewing a room’s design doesn’t mean you have to make major changes or buy new furniture and decorations. Small details, such as motifs and patterns, apparently can have an amazing impact on changes in room design.

Motives and patterns in the room design are usually deliberately presented to cover the existing deficiencies. In low ceiling spaces, vertical stripe motifs are applied so that the room seems taller. Not only on walls, this technique can also be applied to smaller room objects, such as carpets and window curtains.

applied motifs and patterns

In addition to making the room look more comfortable to be enjoyed, the combination of motifs and patterns applied to the design of the room is able to give a dynamic feel to the room.

4.Presents a texture game in the room design

Presents a texture game

The play of textures plays a role in creating sensations in the design of the room. The sensation can be felt by seeing and directly touching the objects presented.

Objects made from thick and feathered give a warm and friendly sensation, these objects are right to be presented in the design of a communal room, a family gathering place. Whereas the room which is dominated by light, thin and smooth textured objects seems more spacious.

5.Create a new impression of lighting

Create a new impression of lighting

Eliminating the appearance of obsolescence in the design of the room can also be done by processing the lighting aspects. Change the gloomy impression of the design of the room by replacing brighter lighting.

If you use more local lighting, wall and floor lamps , switch to general lighting, ie the chandelier, so that the room looks more spacious and bright.

apply yellow lighting to create warm atmosphere

To design a bedroom, apply yellow lighting to create a more intimate and warm atmosphere. Different lighting effects on the design of the room can also be brought in through the rich colors of the LED lights.

Along with the turn of the year, refreshing the look of the room design can spark a new passion so you can be more motivated in achieving various goals in this new year!

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