5 Tips and Tricks for Adjusting Lighting in Japandi House Style

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Japanese style interiors are now a trend. The design adopted from a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian styles combines the philosophy of life of Wabi-Sabi and Lagom which prioritizes efficiency and aesthetics.

This design concept is widely adopted in residential areas with limited land because it is very effective in maximizing space so that it becomes more space-saving and multifunctional with a charming impression.

Meanwhile, one of the keys to realizing a Japanese house lies in the lighting element. This element should be carefully designed so that it can highlight its main character, which is simple, functional, and clean.

As an inspiration for those of you who want to realize the concept of a comfortable and space-saving residence through the Japandi house design, We have tips and tricks that you can do when adjusting the lighting. Well, to find out more, see the following review!

How to Adjusting Lighting in Japandi House to Always Be Comfortable

1.Maximize Natural Lighting Through the Door

japandi Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the important factors that must be considered when designing a Japandi house style. To make it happen, you can maximize natural lighting through a glass door design, as in the picture above.

The use of light wood material on the door frame which is very distinctive with a Japanese design is very beautiful when combined with large glass. That way, natural lighting can penetrate and spread into the room. The occupancy is even more homey!

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