5 Tips and Tricks for Practical Minimalist Family Room Design

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Minimalist style never dies. Being one of the design concepts that are loved today, almost everyone transforms the corners of their home into a minimalist, not to mention the minimalist family room design.

Minimalist family room design, not only attractive in terms of appearance, is also comfortable enough to be used for activities and given personal touches typical of a family room, you know.

Then, how do you create a minimalist family room design that is comfortable and attractive? Follow these practical tips on minimalist family room design!

1. Starting from a minimalist family room color scheme

minimalist family room color scheme

When designing a minimalist family room design, the color element in the room is very important. To make the interior design of a minimalist family room not out of a minimalist feel and feel, prioritize light colors that are neutral.

White, light gray, light brown, to ivory white are examples of color schemes that can be your alternatives when choosing colors for a minimalist living room design.

Meanwhile, these colors do not always have to be on the walls or floor of the room, but can also be presented through existing furniture, such as sofas, coffee tables , or minimalist TV racks.

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