5 Unique Bathroom Under The Stairs!

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When the guest house arrives, some of them definitely want to hitchhike to the bathroom. As a residential owner, it feels less comfortable if the private bathroom is used by outsiders. Therefore, just make a special bathroom for guests. If land is limited, you can really make the bathroom under the stairs.

The bathroom under this staircase does not need to be large as long as it is sufficient to place the toilet and sink. Let’s take a peek 6 unique bathroom designs under stairs below so you have inspiration!

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1.Victorian-style Bathroom under a Stair

Victorian-style Bathroom under a Staircase

Although small, the bathroom under the stairs also still has the right to look beautiful. One of them with the famous elegant Victorian style. Use wallpapers with typical Victorian motifs to decorate the walls. After that, add a mirror with a full carved frame.

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