6 Cool Wooden Canopy Design, Stress Relief When Tired

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Installing a wooden canopy becomes a solution for you who want an additional roof outside the home.

Not only that, the wooden canopy also serves to protect items stored in the yard from the sun and rain, and gives a cool impression in the yard so that it can be used to rest while enjoying the view of the home environment comfortably.

Being a favorite material for use on canopies, of course wood is ready to give the impression of minimalism, ethnicity, natural and even luxury in residential.

For those of you who need a wooden canopy reference to be installed in the dwelling, let’s see the article below in full!

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1. Wooden Canopies with Iron Frames

Wooden Canopies with Iron Frames

Combined with an iron frame to guarantee durability, this one wooden canopy is ready to make your yard look modern.

Combined with the exterior wooden walls in the building of the house and also enhanced by the placement of plants, the natural impression is so thick that you can rest comfortably in the yard.

In addition, the use of insulation in the wooden canopy also makes the home page atmosphere brighter and free of air.

2. Outdoor Space Wood Canopy

Outdoor Space Wood Canopy

For you who want to create additional space for a place to relax, you can make a simple wooden canopy like the inspiration above. In this canopy, the composition of wood material is dominated by the color of light brown so it looks more striking.

Not only that, you can also install additional decorations such as variations of hanging ornamental plants and leaf ornamental plants in pots to enhance the appearance of the wooden canopy.

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