6 Indoor Garden Designs for Beautiful Residential and Clean Air

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Having a beautiful and green environment is certainly everyone’s dream. Green plants make the atmosphere of the room cool and fresh. Not only in terms of visuals, but the presence of plants at home also improves air circulation.

Naturally, if you apply the garden design in the house becomes one of the choices that can be applied in a dream home.

Having a garden or just a pot of green plants has now become a trend for a healthy lifestyle. But there are times when we are hit by obstacles such as land that is not too broad.

At this time making the indoor mini garden or garden in the house into a solution. Garden design in the house certainly saves land at the same time can provide a touch of aesthetics.

Well this time, we will give recommendations for garden designs in the house that can be your inspiration later! What kind of indoor garden designs can you apply for your residential? Let’s see together!

1. Indoor Garden Designs with pots and wooden shelves

Design a garden in a house with pots and wooden shelves

Armed with small plants and put in flower pots, and shelves made of wood can make you want to apply the design of the garden in the house above.

Start by finding a corner of the unused room. Then arrange the wooden shelves in such a way and place the plants in a pot.

In addition to giving the impression of a beautiful house, the garden design in this house makes the house look beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

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