6 Landscape Garden Designs in Small Houses

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Don’t think that arranging a garden is just to sort out ornamental plants or determine what material to use. The most important part before starting to organize a garden in your house is designing the garden landscape. Landscape gardens include various aspects of spatial planning, such as zoning, access flow for mobilization, and land use, which are often limited.

Not only the problem of limited land, high rainfall, sun intensity, and air pollution often become a problem in designing garden landscapes for homes in urban areas.

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With these various problems, you are indeed required to exert a little creativity when designing garden landscapes. However, don’t worry this time we have summarized some inspirations of the landscape garden designs and how to deal with the problems in designing it.

1. Variation of Paving Blocks and Grass in the Garden Landscape Behind the House

Paving Blocks and Grass in the Garden Landscape

An exotic impression is an impression that is easily obtained for those of us who live in the tropics. Landscape garden that you can try to apply as a way to cultivate exotic tropical climate is to combine variations of paving blocks and ornamental plants . As seen in the landscape of the park this one that displays the shades of green from the garden lawn.

The tropical impression is maximized by the combination of cement paving blocks , gravel and bush grass. The area near the dividing wall is planted with trees that serve to ward off pollution as well as conditioning for tropical-style garden landscapes. In addition, you can add a lounger on a white gravel to relax with the family in the afternoon.

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