6 Minimalist Front House Designs with Spacious Garden

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Do you have a large enough residential area? It’s a shame if you don’t maximize it, especially playing with the front of the house design. One way you can do is to build a garden in front of the house so that the appearance of the shelter becomes more beautiful, comfortable and healthy.

For those of you who are planning to renovate a house and make a garden, We will share a minimalist-style front of house designs idea that is equipped with a large enough garden. You are curious? Check out the full inspiration of this front of house design!

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1. Home Front Design with Modern Garden

Home Front Design with Modern Garden

Creating a green open area in a residential area is very important because it can be used as a water catchment area. In the design of the front of this house, openings were made in large quantities so that the circulation of air and light into the dwelling.

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In order to appear more roomy and accentuate the front of house design, shady trees are replaced with potted plants and maximize the outside area with beautiful ornamental grasses.

2. Tropical Home Front House Design

Tropical Home Front House Design

The design of the front of this house looks cool because there are trees that grow lush. The concept of a tropical garden is present through a combination of elements of stone, bushes and trees.

In addition, the design of this modern tropical house utilizes lighting with a yellowish bias that gives the impression of warmth on the dwelling so it is ideal to be a relaxing area during the afternoon.

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