6 Minimalist Hanging Garden Design Inspiration That Save Space

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Want to apply the concept of a green house in a residence? For minimal land occupancy that wants to remain beautiful, try to present a minimalist hanging garden that can certainly save space.

Both indoors as part of interior design or outdoors as part of the exterior, hanging gardens are a variation of the vertical garden that is generally known by the public. Like a simpler vertical garden, the following minimalist hanging garden inspiration will prove that beauty does not need to sacrifice excess space.

1.Minimalist Hanging Garden Simple, but Stylish

minimalist hanging garden brickwall and vertical garden

In designing a hanging garden, there is no limit to creativity at all. But for beginners and minimalist rooms that are not too big , you should start with a simple design and not too ambitious.

We approaches suggest using photo frames from wood -style rustic and colorful, simple plant pots or boxes that are tailored to the size of the wall. Choose several types of plant seeds so that there are variations in plant styles, and you can further arrange for a hanging garden that suits the interior of the room as a whole.

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