6 Comfortable and Nice Modern Minimalist Home Interior Design

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Modern minimalist home interior design is still popular today, especially for homes with limited land. Identical to the use of furniture and simple decoration, the room looks more spacious, but still unsightly and comfortable to inhabit.

Instead of being curious, it’s better to look at various inspirations of the following design and apply them in their homes.

1. Shades of old gray

Modern minimalist home interior

Many people who avoid the dark gray color dominates the interior of a modern minimalist home. Because the gray color is considered to make the house look narrow and dark.

However, you can work around this with large window glass walls as well as sliding doors which are important elements. In addition to the room becoming brighter thanks to natural lighting, the air circulation becomes smoother.

Leave the furniture plain and simple, but choose one that uses velvet or velvet upholstery to match the interior. Decorate with a little decoration like a clear glass flower vase if you want a more lively look.

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