6 Stylish Residential Designs with Glass Doors

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Glass doors are usually found in large buildings such as shopping centers and office buildings. However, due to its simple design and style, now glass doors are also starting to be used for residential use regardless of whether they are large or narrow.

The result, the shelter also looks more modern and also roomy. Do not believe? Try to see 6 residential design with the following glass door!

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1. Residential design with glass doors in the bedroom

glass doors in the bedroom

Ever imagined that you could wake up immediately when you were directly greeted by sunlight? If so, then you should cheat on a bedroom design that uses glass doors as a barrier to the balcony of your favorite house. The color of the glass door frame can be adjusted to the main color of the bedroom. For example this design is gray.

Make sure this glass door faces directly into the garden so that it is not easily peeked by strangers. If not possible, hang the sheer or curtain according to your taste.

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