6 Tips For Designing a 3 x 4 Bedroom

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Sometimes it is difficult to process the interior design of houses built by the developers. The area of ​​each room cannot be adjusted to your wants and needs. Like a bedroom measuring only 3 × 4 square meters.

Then, to get around the limited size of this minimalist design style became a favorite choice. But, what sort of arrangement can you do on a minimalist 3 × 4 bedroom design?

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1. Minimalist Bedroom with Essential Furniture

Minimalist Bedroom with Essential Furniture

That must be considered in the design of a small-sized bedroom is the location of windows and doors. The placement of furniture can later be adjusted to the location of the two elements of space.

Like in this bedroom, placing the bed under the window and facing the door is proven to make this minimalist 3×4 bedroom design look more comfortable.

But the most important thing is the content of the minimalist 3 x 4 bedroom design with furniture that you consider the most functional. A spring bed for two people and a pair of work tables and chairs is enough to make this minimalist 3 × 4 bedroom design work properly.

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