7 Fun Moroccan-style Terrace Designs for Family Gatherings

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One area besides the living room that can be used to entertain guests is the terrace area. The terrace area, which is an open space, is also more fun to use for relaxing and gathering with family and relatives. The problem is, what kind of terrace design is suitable and fits the atmosphere?

These 7 variations of Moroccan-style terrace designs can be an inspiration for you to rearrange and decorate your home terrace in order to welcome the holiday! Come on, just look at the inspiration!

1. Moroccan terrace design with beautiful electric nuances

Moroccan terrace design with beautiful electric nuances

The Moroccan design style is known for the use of bold colors accompanied by ethnic motifs. On this striking blue terrace, fresh colors coming from the plants and chairs are paired with a flower-patterned ceramic table which also matches these colors. The combination of these elements creates an electric look on the patio.

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Not only that, this terrace is also arranged in a good composition of furniture placement. Placing ornamental plants on the front side of the terrace allows visiting guests to enjoy the beauty and beauty of the terrace area. The gurgling water from the mini fountain also adds to the natural feel of the terrace area.

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