7 Inspiration Staircase Designs For Various Interior Styles

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For terraced houses, the presence of stairs is a mandatory element. Not only as a circulation path and access from the ground floor to the top floor, the right design of the staircase can also provide a more attractive interior appearance.

When designing stairs, also pay attention to the appearance to keep it in harmony with the interior of the dwelling.

More than just the function and comfort, determining the design of the staircase also means ensuring the design style and color of the stairs in order to become a residential decoration ornament.

So you can get the best household stair design for residential, take a peek at various inspirational staircase designs with various interesting design concepts that could be your reference!

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1. Floating house Staircase

floating staircase design

The concept of floating on a ladder is a popular choice for modern and minimalist homes. Now, concepts like this are also modified for a more futuristic impression by utilizing various materials with a modern appearance such as iron and steel.

If you choose a floating staircase design, ensure the strength of the staircase structure to maintain the security of your home.

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