7 Minimalist Children’s Room Design Inspiration!

Designing a child’s room can be an easy and difficult job. Unlike the design of rooms for adults, when choosing a child’s room design , different design concepts and needs will also be a challenge. However, minimalist children’s rooms are often an option when designing a child’s room.

Generally, children’s rooms are considered to be used only for a short period of time because they will grow up quickly. In fact, adopting a minimalist children’s room design can actually extend the time span of room use so that it is still suitable for your little one who starts at the age of adolescence to adulthood.

Interested in minimalist children’s room design? Come on, take a peek at the creations of various minimalist children’s room designs that you can copy to your child’s room!

1.Thematic minimalism

minimalist children's room design

Generally, children’s room designs are identical with interesting and strong themes. Minimalist children’s room in general will certainly seem too simple and boring for your child. Unfortunately, as a child grows up, an interesting theme is then no longer liked by the child.

However, if you simplify the theme, you can create a thematic minimalist children’s room but still look mature when the theme is no longer preferred by your child.

2.Bunk Bed for Brothers and Sisters

minimalist children's room design with bunk beds

For little brothers and sisters, there is no harm in presenting a level bed , still in a minimalist children’s room design that prioritizes space efficiency.

You can explore this minimalist level design in order to make the atmosphere of a minimalist children’s room feel more dynamic, even though it is wrapped in a minimalist modern style.

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3.Minimalist Children’s Room Design Clean White Concept

minimalist children's room design with a gray bed cover  

The concept of minimalist design is identical to the minimal use of color. Therefore, to realize a minimalist child’s room design, the easiest way is to remove the use of colors that tend to be present in a child’s room design .

This minimalist all-white children’s room design can be equipped with contrasting colored room decorations that will make a child’s room still feel bright and alive.

4.Stay Playful with Character

minimalist children's room with fox wall stickers

Although adopting a minimalist room design , does not mean you can not explore the bolder minimalist children’s room design.

If there really are certain concepts and ideas that you want to apply, don’t be afraid to simplify them so that they still fit into the concept of a minimalist children’s room design without reducing the playful impression that it presents.

5.Mirror of the Little Person’s Personality

minimalist children's room with a bed frame resembling a home  

Although clad in a minimalist interior style , don’t let your minimalist child’s room design not have a strong concept. Exploration of basic shapes and basic colors can be your weapon to create a child’s room design composition that reflects his personality.

However, minimalist children’s room designs still have to be processed in accordance with the themes and concepts that you think are suitable for your child.

6.Similar Color Palette

minimalist children's room with light blue on the wall  

Children’s room design is synonymous with bright colors. The use of too much white is often the last choice of parents when determining the child’s room paint or design room equipment.

In realizing the design of a minimalist children’s room, you also do not have rigid limits in choosing a color palette. Providing other color touches with a neutral color palette can also be a good color composition for a minimalist little room.

7.Wood Elements to Present Warmth

minimalist children's room with wooden wall cabinets  

In addition to color, you can also give a touch of texture to certain elements in the minimalist children’s room that you are designing. One of them is wood texture . The presence of wood texture is suitable to provide a warmer and homey atmosphere in a child’s room.

Even with a minimalist concept, you don’t have to be hung up with minimalist children’s room designs that are just ordinary or monotonous. When choosing a minimalist children’s room design, it’s good to consult with interior design services in order to maximize the minimalist children’s room that will be used by your child.

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