7 Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Can Be Applied at Home

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One of the most awaited activities during family or friends gatherings is an outdoor BBQ party. If you only occasionally have a BBQ party, using a portable grill will be more efficient.

But for those of you who do it often, it would be more fun if you have a permanent outdoor kitchen in the backyard! Interested in making an outdoor kitchen? Come on, see some of the following design inspiration!

1. Outdoor kitchen along the hallway

Outdoor kitchen along the hallway

First of all, there is an outdoor kitchen built along the side aisle of the house. Take advantage of the outer walls of the house as a place to lean the kitchen.

It looks minimalist as well as modern because it is dominated by white and furniture with a shiny surface.

The kitchen island is very simple because it consists of a sink and a toaster. In the corner of the hallway there is a dining table that can accommodate many people.

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