7 of the World’s Most Amazing Building Designs

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In the world of architecture, art has become one of the main focuses in order to create a stunning building design. Even the most amazing buildings generally represent a function or something in them. Like the buildings of medieval relics in Europe.

It is no longer a secret that Europe is home to some of the most amazing building designs in the world. But with the times, the most amazing building designs in the world can certainly be found in several places, not only in Europe. Want to know what building designs are the most amazing in the world? Lets, just look at!

1. Kunsthaus Graz Building Design in Austria

Kunsthaus Graz Building

Kunsthaus Graz has a building design that really contrasts with the design of other buildings in the vicinity. Located in the City of Graz, Austria, the design of this building was initiated by two British architects named Peter Cook and Colin Fournie.

Built in 2003, the construction itself was made to appreciate European cultural celebrations. What many people don’t know is that this unique and amazing building is an art museum.

Kunsthaus Graz is also referred to as the “Alien House” because its form is completely different and may only exist in science fiction films. Kunsthaus Graz, which has round window protrusions on its roof, occupies an area of ​​more than 11 thousand square meters.

What is unique about the Kunsthaus Graz building design is that it is made of 900 neon decorative ring lights that make it look like a series of very large pixels.

The design of this navy blue building is unusual and differs freely from the context of conventional exhibition museum building design because in Europe generally the art museum building design maintains the modernist tradition of the White Cube.

But at Kunsthaus Graz, the team of architects used an innovative style idiom known as blob architecture in the historical atmosphere of Murvorstadt.

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