7 of the World’s Most Amazing Building Designs

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2. Design of Kinemax Buildings in France

Kinemax Buildings

Watching a cinema in a mall might have become commonplace. For those of you who really like film, it might not hurt once in a lifetime to visit Kinemax in France, which first opened in 1987 because the architectural masterpieces are truly magnificent and beautiful.

From the exterior, the design of the Kinemax building resembles a giant crystal that pops up from the plains of land like chunks of crystals that fall from the sky.

This 35-meter-high building has 3000 mirror plates that surround it and reflect the environment with deformations in random directions such as Picasso’s cubist paintings , symbolizing the intelligence and perfection of nature.

On the interior side, the building design on Kinemax has a high resolution widescreen display where the screen itself is twice the size of a tennis court with a room that can accommodate 440 seats .

The location of the Kinemax in front of an artificial lake is very beautiful and increasingly reveals building designs that are made to add a sensation before and after watching a film.

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