7 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Designs That Represent Your Personality!

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Simple minimalist kitchen designs is the best choice for creating an ideal kitchen in the midst of limited land issues. Material variations and the needs of each different family also makes a simple minimalist kitchen design is growing.

Various simple minimalist kitchen designs inspiration you can easily find by reading various sources or through social media. However, is there anything that matches your personal taste or character?

Here we summarizes some simple minimalist kitchen inspiration that might represent your tastes and personality.

1. Hang-outs are more fun in the kitchen with a bar table

kitchen with a bar table

Simple minimalist kitchen design that is tailored to personal desires will add comfort to the owner.

If you want the kitchen to be a comfortable semi-public space for gatherings, a simple minimalist kitchen design with an island bar or bar can be a choice.

No need to design a special table for the bar area in a simple minimalist kitchen. Simply leave an empty area on the counter top and add a stool or barstool in front of it. This bar area can also function as a dining room.

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