7 Small Bedroom Design Ideas, Tiny But Comfortable

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The bedroom is the most important place in the house because it functions as a personal space to rest. However, what happens if you have a small bedroom design? Maybe you feel confused to maximize the function of the room to create the most comfortable place in the house.

Through this article, We will share inspiration small bedrooms design so that limited space is no longer a problem to get a comfortable living space. What are some small bedroom design ideas that can be adopted? Check out the article below, yes!

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1. Niche, Corner of the Functional Bedroom

small bedroom designs with bed niches

The design of a small bedroom this one has a rather protruding angle or commonly called a niche.

Well, this area can be used as a space to put a mattress or study table so that there is a remaining space that you can use to put a variety of room equipment, from wardrobe, chairs to shoe racks.

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