8 of The Most Attractive Minimalist Staircase Design

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For modern types of housing that are classified as minimal land, stairs are a very important part of the overall interior design element. For those of you who live in a multi-storey house, the main function of the stairs is not only as a connection from the ground floor to the top floor – but also has a lot of influence on the total aesthetics of the house.

Therefore, the appearance of the stairs must be carefully prepared. One way to maximize the appearance of a ladder is to adjust it to the type or style of housing you live in. This time, we will share special inspiration for minimalist staircase design for all of you.

With a minimalist staircase design that is simple but still beautiful and elegant, these minimalist staircase ideas will provide a unique and attractive option in your home!

1.Minimalist Decorative Iron Stairs

Minimalist Decorative Iron Stairs

Minimalist stairs can be used as the center of attention in a residential or commercial space if they have artistic decorative elements. As illustrated in the inspiration above, this minimalist staircase made of thin iron and black color becomes a work of art that adds to the beauty of the open space.

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Without taking up much space on the ground floor, this black minimalist staircase is marked with a side divider in the form of a thin iron pole arranged in such a way. With the concept of suspension, aka hanging on the upper wall, this minimalist staircase is a separate decoration that will beautify your home or minimalist space anytime.

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