8 Unique Bookshelf Designs, Who Likes to Read Must Have!

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For book lovers, bookshelves are definitely a must in the house or room to store a number of their collections. Whether it’s small or large, the important thing is that books can be neat and undamaged.

Now, are you a lover of books and have regular rectangular bookshelves? If so, maybe you will be amazed when you see the 8 unique bookshelf designs and are tempted to make them at home!

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8 Unique Bookshelf Designs to Make Them at Home

1. Unique bookshelves under the stairs

unique bookshelf designs
Unique bookshelves under the stairs

The bottom of the stairs is often overlooked even though it can be used as storage space, one of which is a unique bookshelf. In order not to look cramped, make an open bookshelf like this. If the stairs are in the corner of the house, also make a unique bookshelf that follows the shape of the corner.

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