9 Modern Bohemian Apartment Design Inspirations

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We are back again to provide inspiration for modern bohemian apartment designs. But before we start looking at that inspiration, let’s first understand what modern bohemian design is!

What is Bohemian Design?

Bohemian design is synonymous with the use of multiple colors and textures and accents that are layered in one room at once. The uniqueness of bohemian designs is the freedom to create, because there are no binding rules in the design.

You can just use 3 colors at once in one room or or use furniture in various patterns at once. For decoration, this bohemian design usually uses small plants, lights, and wall accessories that are crowded or dangling downwards.

Modern Bohemian Design

Modern Bohemian Design

If the bohemian design itself can be said to be quirky, full of decorations, and there are no rules, then the combination of modern bohemian designs is more natural and simple.

The decoration on the wall is kept to a minimum. The color combination is calmer and cleaner.

Are you ready to remodel your old apartment design with the following 9 inspirational modern bohemian-style apartment designs?

1. Modern Bohemian Apartment Design for Dining Room

Modern Bohemian Apartment Design

The main key to the design of this modern bohemian apartment is the selection of dining chairs with large backs. Furnished with floral motifs in soft colors, the furniture provides a contrast to this all-white dining room. You don’t need to put a large number of these dining chairs, just combine it with other models of chairs.

So that the white walls do not look dull, hang a simple brightly colored wall decoration . Do not forget to place the flower vase on the dining table and kitchen island to beautify its appearance.

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