Small but Mighty: How to Create a Mini Library at Home

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Having a dream home is certainly not complete without the presence of your favorite corner. For you book lovers who have a hobby of reading, presenting a mini library in your home is perhaps the most important element in your dream home.

Regardless of personal desires, presenting a reading room generally requires additional space. However, for those of you who have limited space in the home, no need to worry because you can apply the concept of a mini library that certainly does not take up much space.

Interested in presenting a mini library to perfect your dream home design? Take a peek first of the following inspirations to bring a comfortable and neat mini library designs at home.

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1. Corner of the all-white minimalist room

mini library beside the stairs  

Mini library does not have to be in the form of a whole room. If you have a corner of an unused room, you can also turn it into a comfortable reading corner.

The white application on a bookshelf in a mini library designs gives a neat impression that fits a minimalist concept residence. Not only makes the room feel more spacious, the displayed books will look contrasting and add to the beauty of the room.

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