Clean Stainless Steel Appliances with These Tips!

Stainless steel is now widely used for household furniture. The material is rusty, making it a choice. Chromium contained in it will form a protective layer when reacting to oxygen in the air. This layer prevents rust on the body or surface of stainless steel.

Clean Stainless Steel

However, that does not mean that the material from steel is completely free of problems. Water crust stains are a fairly common problem in this material, especially in bathroom appliances, such as shower sets or faucets.

This is because the stainless steel is always exposed to water. This moist and wet condition is what can be dulled if it is left to dull. Over time, it can turn into spots until it becomes rust.

You can prevent this from happening with routine maintenance, such as diligently cleaning and drying parts of equipment that use stainless steel.

However, if the crust or patches have started to appear, start removing them in a simple way. You also do not need materials or materials that are difficult to obtain.

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If only stains or ordinary dirt, stainless steel can be cleaned by wiping the dirty parts using warm water. Then dry it with a high absorbency cloth, such as microfiber. If the stain still doesn’t disappear, add soft detergent or bath soap.

Mix the ingredients with warm water then clean the stain with a sponge. Rub in the direction of the stainless steel fiber so as not to damage the surface of the furniture. After that, dry again with a microfiber cloth.

You can also use toothpaste for stains that have turned into water crust. Simply apply toothpaste and lift the dirt with a sponge. In addition to toothpaste, vinegar can also be used to clean stubborn stains of water stains. Pour vinegar in warm water then wet the sponge with both solutions and rub the surface with a crust.

To ease the task, you should immediately clean the stain when it starts popping up. By diligently cleaning, stainless steel in the furniture can be more awake.

However, if you did not pay too much attention, start to check and if there are stains or water crust, clean it so as not to reduce the beauty of stainless steel appearance.

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