Front Porch Design Inspirations That Make Envious Neighbors!

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Almost all houses must have a terrace area, it’s just that the size varies according to the existing land. The design of the front porch of the house also needs to be arranged neatly because it can influence the assessment of others on the overall appearance of the house.

What if you don’t care about other people’s judgment? Then try to think about the comfort and pleasure of the occupants of the house while relaxing on the terrace every day.

Just refer to some inspirations of the front porch design below that can make you fall in love with the following:

1. Mediterranean front porch

Mediterranean front porch design

The Mediterranean style is identical to the use of tiles. The impression is old school, but warm and comfortable. Complete the design of this Mediterranean-style front porch with rattan furniture and soft sofas.

Decorate the surrounding with greenery in pots or vines around the patio pillars. Front porch design ideas like this is perfect for enjoying the fresh air in the morning.

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