Here are the 7 Latest Floor Tiles Colors for Residential Trend!

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Did you know that the appearance of floor tiles can affect the overall feel of a residential interior? Therefore, color selection must be done carefully. In addition to adjusting it to the interior design of the house, you can also choose it based on the latest floor tiles colors.

Occupancy will also look more trendy and contemporary. Well, below, we have a list of the latest floor tiles colors for residential trend. For those of you who want to change the look of your home, just take a peek at the inspiration!

1. White

white floor ceramic

White is still the newest ceramic floor color residential trend. This color is timeless so it doesn’t need to be replaced in the short term to keep up with the trend. The white color is also suitable to be combined with any interior style, from minimalism, classic, Japanese, to futuristic.

By applying this latest ceramic floor color, the residence will look cleaner and more spacious. No need to be afraid of getting dirty. White ceramic will be easy to clean because the surface is not porous.

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