Tips How to Choose the Right Pendant Light

Pendant light is an alternative for anyone who wants a new look at home. This ceiling-hung lamp can be placed in any area and has a variety of interesting amarture designs. Amartur design and its varied colors are also one of the reasons this lamp is popular.

how to choose pendant light

The design is also an initial factor for people to apply it at home. Not only about good or not, but also the suitability of the pendant light display with the overall design and style of the room.

Then, there are material and security factors. There’s more, what should be considered if you are interested in using a pendant light?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the perfect pendant light for your space.

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1. Determine Your Purpose and Style:

Before diving into the world of pendant lights, it’s essential to identify the purpose of the light and the overall style you’re aiming to achieve. Are you looking for task lighting, ambient lighting, or accent lighting?

Different pendant styles serve different functions. Additionally, consider the existing decor of the room. Is it modern, traditional, industrial, or eclectic?

Matching the pendant light’s style with your room’s aesthetics ensures a cohesive and harmonious look.

2. Consider the Size and Scale:

The size of the pendant light is a crucial factor to consider. A light that’s too large can overwhelm a small room, while a tiny pendant may get lost in a larger space.

To determine the right size, follow this general guideline: measure the room’s dimensions in feet, and then convert that measurement into inches to get an approximate diameter for your pendant light.

For example, if your room is 12 feet wide, a pendant light around 12 inches in diameter could be a good fit.

3. Think About Height and Placement:

The height at which you hang your pendant light can significantly impact its functionality and aesthetics. For dining areas, the bottom of the pendant should typically hang 28 to 36 inches above the table surface.

In entryways, consider the height of the ceiling and whether there’s enough clearance for people to walk beneath the light.

When installing pendant lights over kitchen islands or countertops, allow 30 to 36 inches between the bottom of the light and the surface.

4. Explore Different Materials and Finishes:

Pendant lights come in a wide range of materials and finishes, each contributing to the overall style and feel of your space. From glass and metal to wood and fabric, the options are diverse.

Consider the room’s color palette and existing materials when choosing the pendant light’s finish. A matte black pendant can complement an industrial theme, while a crystal pendant might add elegance to a contemporary setting.

5. Light Bulb Type and Intensity:

The type of light bulb you choose can impact both the quality of light and the overall energy efficiency of your pendant light.

Decide whether you prefer warm or cool light, and opt for LED bulbs for their longevity and energy-saving benefits. Additionally, consider the wattage and lumens to ensure the pendant light provides adequate illumination for its intended purpose.

6. Budget and Quality:

Pendant lights come in a wide price range, so it’s important to set a budget before you start shopping.

While it’s tempting to opt for the most affordable option, investing in a quality pendant light can make a noticeable difference in both aesthetics and durability.

High-quality materials and craftsmanship often lead to a longer-lasting and visually appealing fixture.


Choosing the right pendant light involves a careful balance between functionality, style, and personal preference.

By considering the purpose of the light, the size and scale of the fixture, its height and placement, material and finish options, light bulb type, and budget, you can make an informed decision that enhances the overall look and feel of your space.

A well-chosen pendant light can truly transform your room, providing both illumination and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

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