Impressed Cool and Clean, Peek 5 Scandinavian Home Designs

Scandinavian homes are synonymous with simplicity, white, and natural materials. This makes Scandinavian design principles suitable for application in dwelling. Because the house will feel cooler and cleaner, even though the environment around is less conducive.

Need inspiration for new dwellings or renovations of dwellings that are now occupied? Consider the following scandinavian home designs inspiration first.

1.Scandinavian house with large windows

scandinavian home designs with large windows

One reason the house feels hot is the lack of natural lighting which means it requires lighting during the day. Scandinavian home designs is equipped with large windows so that sunlight can reach every corner of the house.

If it is too hot, use sheer curtains to reduce the intensity of sunlight. The floor of the Scandinavian house also uses wood material so it is cooler when stepped on bare feet.

floor of the Scandinavian house

For Scandinavian home decor, place greenery in the corner of the room and fur fabric to attach to the dining chair. Minimalist decoration will make it easier when cleaning the house. Without dust accumulating in the corner of the house, residents become healthier.

2.The bedroom is full of decorations typical of a Scandinavian home

bedroom is full of decorations

Identical to the color white, does not mean you should not use other colors to decorate Scandinavian homes. For example, like this room, the bed was covered with plain blue and gray bed linen.

The decoration in this Scandinavian home still uses natural elements such as green plants, wooden chairs, paper sticky books in the corner of the room, and newspaper rolls near the window. Even so, the white color still dominates.

3.The dining room and kitchen in a Scandinavian home, small but comfortable

scandinavian home designs kitchen

Next, there is the design inspiration of the kitchen and dining room that blends in the Scandinavian house above. Placement of glass doors for entry and exit into the back garden while providing natural lighting in this open space.

While enjoying a meal, it feels very cool, looking at the greenery that lay in the home garden. The white color again dominates so that this Scandinavian house looks clean and neat.

The dining table area is decorated with various fabrics, ranging from linen tablecloths and throw blankets to chairs. At night, rustic- style chandeliers are ready to light up the tables in this Scandinavian home.

4.Workspaces in Scandinavian homes, work is more productive

Workspaces in Scandinavian homes

A clean and cool atmosphere can affect one’s mood, thus provoking productivity while working. For those of you who want to build a workspace at home, try looking at this Scandinavian home designs.

The white walls are left plain, there are only a few black and white images. Place the green plants in a small pot in the corner of the table and window.

Use brown rugs to strengthen the identity of Scandinavian homes. If the space allows, place a sofa bed complete with blankets and small pillows for a short break.

5.The living room of a Scandinavian home that makes you feel at home

A family room that has a soft chair and soft carpet will make the residents feel at home relaxing. Especially if the air circulation is smooth, the air will be cooler and cleaner.

Like the Scandinavian home inspiration above, make a window that is easily set how big the opening is. Then place greenery that is able to absorb dirty air and poisons such as peace lily , tongue-in-law , and palm bamboo.

Provide adequate seating such as the three sofa types above while applying a matching color scheme, such as dark brown, light brown, and white. Don’t forget, add rugs and pillows which are typical Scandinavian home decorations.

Just seeing a few Scandinavian home inspirations just seems cool and clean. What will you do if it has been applied to the interior of your residence? It must be very comfortable!

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