Inexpensive but Luxurious, See 8 Simple Minimalist Home Design!

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2.Minimize Furniture With Various Smart Solutions

Minimize Furniture With Various Smart Solutions

Still on the inspiration of the family room or living room for a minimalist simple house, this space arrangement also will not spend a lot of budget. By utilizing natural lighting, the light in this room is enough to use one main light that is not too decorative.

The beauty of this simple minimalist home lies in the intelligence of the homeowner in minimizing the use of furniture that is generally mandatory in a family room.

Instead, it looks like a wall shelf as a place to put decorations, including on an additional table that is attached to every window frame in this simple minimalist home.

TV shelves that are often present with television sets have also been reduced to just a sweet supporting leg. If you choose this simple minimalist home design, then you will be able to have more budget to focus on choosing a quality sofa and a small, simple coffee table.

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