7 Tropical Garden Designs to Create Your Own Paradise

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Living in the tropics especially in urban areas makes you have to be smart to deal with hot weather and high humidity by presenting green open spaces at home. One type of garden suitable for home use in the tropics is none other than a tropical garden.

Tropical gardens are composed of various types of plants, ranging from trees, shrubs, tropical flowers to grasses, which are resistant to the sun’s heat and intense rainfall. The plant, which is also named as a tropical plant, is deliberately allowed to grow lush so that it resembles the appearance of a tropical forest.

Here we summarizes 7 tropical garden designs that you can make inspiration

1. Modern Tropical Shades

Although tropical gardens are synonymous with the dominance of green plants, the addition of other elements can also be done so that the park appears more modern. Not limited to dry elements such as pebbles, walkways or paving blocks , outdoor furniture , and ornamental ponds can also be presented.

Tropical garden designs on this one appears complete with complementary elements. The presence of a canopy from a wooden lattice produces a dramatic shadowing effect. As a result, the charm of a tropical garden appears more attractive.

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