Top Tips for Hosting a Successful Garden Party in Any Season

Party in open space ( outdoor party ) will make the atmosphere becomes more liquid than the party in space. Organizers of parties with invited guests will be more mixed and merged in joy, without restrictions that tend to be rigid and can freeze warmth.

Garden Party

You can establish warmer intimacy with invited guests. You can create any party, from weddings, birthdays, to graduation parties.

You can take advantage of open spaces in the wild like jungle tours or you can create your own by utilizing gardens and parks in your home. The following are things you must pay attention to before making a garden party .

Determining a theme is the main thing you need to pay attention to. If you choose a vintage theme, put antique objects into decorations. You can buy it specifically or use items in homes that are not used, such as old suitcases or antique bicycles.

If you choose the Victorian style, chairs and tables full of carvings can be chosen. Floral motif decorations will add a classic touch. You can also plan a more casual country- style party.

Add confetti to enliven the atmosphere and also pinata, a container filled with candy or toys hanging from the ceiling which when hit will release its contents.

1. Avoid Party in Rainy Season

Try to have the party that you hold does not coincide with the rainy season. The romanticism built can collapse just like that when a big rain falls and makes the land become muddy. Automatically you and your guests will not enjoy the party to the fullest.

2. Prevent Insects from Parting

You can use candles to repel insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Always cover food with a cover so that the food is not infested with insects.

3. Full of flowers

The presence of flowers always managed to beautify the atmosphere of the party, especially for open spaces. These flowers will look more alive and make your party an unforgettable moment. For a soft impression you can add white and pink flowers, for decorations that are quite prominent and contrast, you can add a thick red rose.

4. Centerpiece and Complete Every Detail

Because the space used is an open space, make sure there is a centerpiece that is the center of attention of visitors. Birdcage can be an attractive centerpiece . For other trimmers you can use chalkboards written in chalk.

Perfect your party with music that is pleasant to hear not only for yourself but also for all invited guests. Try not to have details that are less than all furniture, decoration ornaments to the trinkets that are prepared, because the lack of maximum execution done will reduce the enjoyment of the essence of the party.

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