Safe Swimming in Shelter with these 5 Indoor Swimming Pool Designs!

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Having your own swimming pool, especially indoor swimming pools is already a dream of many people.

Thinking about the design of an indoor swimming pool generally means putting safety first when swimming because of your privacy from the eyes of strangers, and also not having to worry about weather conditions outdoors whether hot or rainy.

Of course there are some things you should consider before realizing the dream of building your own indoor pool. Starting from the size, theme, terrace, ventilation of the room itself, the depth of the pool, to the pool wall can be a consideration to determine the design of a swimming pool that is suitable for your home.

After considering these things, it’s time you started designing swimming pools indoor you dream.

This time, we will give indoor swimming pool design recommendation that can be an inspiration in making the swimming pool of your dreams! Check out the following recommendations!

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1. Slim long and simple minimalist swimming pool

slim long simple swimming pool

With this swimming pool design, you don’t need to have an empty room or a large basement to have a swimming pool in your house.

The slim and long swimming pool design is usually attached to the walls of the house, then brought closer to the window with transparent glass in order to enjoy the view from outside the room.

You can design this swimming pool lengthwise to your liking, and you can also add an elongated chair to rest after you are tired of swimming.

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