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No need to think about where it is, whether it’s in the middle or the suburbs, Japanese homes generally have the same principles. Traditional and natural elements are always present in Japanese homes, although urban youth tend to live in apartments.

There are several main principles of Japanese homes, namely maintaining privacy, natural lighting, and maintaining a connection with nature.

The result is that Japanese houses tend to be cool and beautiful. Come on, let’s take a peek at the following beautiful and refreshing Japanese home designs!

1.Minimalist Furniture for Spacious Japanese Homes

One of the characteristics of a Japanese house is a spacious room thanks to the practicality of the furniture. In a Japanese home, the existence of furniture is really only what is needed and made as concisely as possible.

This is also supported by the selection of soft colors such as white, cream, brown wood, and gray. Then the result is spaces that can provide serenity.

The principle of arranging furniture in a Japanese house that is centered in the middle, making a lot of empty space on the right and left makes the room feel more spacious. Especially since the furniture in Japanese homes tends to be small and short.

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