These 5 Studio Apartment Designs Prove That Narrow Does Not Always Squeeze!  

Studio type apartment is an apartment unit consisting of one room without a separation wall, except for the bathroom. That is, in one room there is a bedroom, dining area, kitchen, and TV room. So far, studio apartments type are known as narrow apartments. The size of a studio type apartment is more suitable for people who live alone or at least together.

Even though the studio type apartment is quite narrow, with the right layout and design of the apartment, you can feel comfortable and even feel at home inside. Before actually inhabiting studio type apartments, check out the five studio apartment designs below!

1.Studio Apartments Design for Rooms Facing The Kitchen

Design studio type apartments for rooms facing the kitchen

Sleeping facing the stove sounds strange, but the design of this studio type apartment can be an attractive choice. The kitchen area is filled with built-in furniture that extends to follow the walls to save space. The upper wall is given a cupboard for kitchen needs.

For the dining table, use the dining table attached to the wall. Provide a chair without a back so as not to obstruct the space for movement. While enjoying a delicious meal, you can gaze at the view outside the apartment. This dining table can also be used as a workplace, you know!

2.Studio Apartments Design with Partitions

Design studio type apartments with partitions

If the studio apartment layout that will be inhabited has more space, take advantage of the room partition design . This partition will give you privacy, especially in the bed area. Use a room partition design that can also be used as furniture to save more space. For example the kitchen cabinet, bookshelf, or clothes hanger area.

Leave the kitchen area and lounge without partitions to give a broader impression. Complete the kitchen area with a minimalist dining table that is enough for two people. On other occasions, the minimalist dining table can be used as a bar to enjoy a variety of drinks.

3.Studio Apartment Designs in Medieval Style

Design studio type studio apartment in medieval style

Studio type apartments are indeed cramped, but that is not a barrier for you to design the interior. However, to design it certainly requires various tricks to maximize the space in your studio apartment designs so that the room feels more spacious, like the design of a studio type apartment that carries this medieval style. The interior design is dominated by white and brown. The family room was left together with the kitchen.

For a more spacious area, use a small coffee table. While in the kitchen, kitchen island can also be used as a dining table. The bedroom area is limited by glass doors, giving the impression of minimalism and luxury. For the area of ​​storage of goods, made with the model of the building door.

On the other side there is a cabinet with a door lined with mirrors. Don’t forget to also add a chandelier and flower vase as a decoration. This studio type apartment design is the most common and powerful trick for creating a roomy impression. .

4.Studio Apartment Layout with High Privacy

Studio apartment layout with high privacy

Want to use partitions to maintain privacy in each area of ​​your studio type apartment? It is possible, as long as the partition does not reach the ceiling and covers all parts. Leave a few corners open so that the studio apartment designs unit does not crush you. Place the dining table in the corner of the kitchen. Then place the clothes storage area near the living room or TV viewing room. You can also add a study desk or a small work desk in the living room.

5.Elongated Studio Apartment Layout

Elongated studio apartment layout

In this studio apartment layout , the first area traversed is the bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen cabinet is made lengthwise to save space. While at the end there is a small dining table. Thus, there is a broad road to get to the bedroom and TV viewing room. Instead of using partition furniture, try to use curtains as a divider and cover room for your bed area. This studio type apartment corner is also very suitable to be added with a 45 degree corner rack.

Don’t let studio type apartments make you feel squeezed. Come on, change the design like the inspiration above! Congratulations on designing your studio type apartment!

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