Tips for Cleaning Bathroom Glass

The intensity of routine use and splashes of water and soap make the walls of the bathroom glass susceptible to mold. Over time the glass will turn blurry because it is covered with a layer of oil, crust of water lime, dried foam and mold.

clean Glass Moldy Bathroom

Therefore, routinely clean the walls of the bathroom glass, at least rinse with clean water every time you finish bathing. Then leave the door or window open to drain air, so that the room does not feel damp and avoids the growth of mold on the surface of the glass wall.

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Use a glass cleaner to deal with water spots or a layer of dry soap on the glass shower door. As an alternative, make your own cleanser which is a comparable dose of vinegar and water.

Rub or spray this vinegar solution on the spot, then let stand for five minutes before rinsing with warm water. For a very stubborn crust, apply vinegar directly to the spot.

Mushrooms can also be removed using carbolic acid or glass fungus cleaning products containing hydrogen peroxide. Most spray-shaped cleaning products are then easily wiped with a clean cloth.

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