Tips for Organizing a Book to Get Beautiful on the Rack

Don’t think arranging books on a shelf can only be done in a standing or vertical position. Do not also think that the arrangement of various books on the shelf cannot look attractive.

The shelves along with books lined up inside are one way to fill the walls, and so that the space does not look empty. Moreover, if the book is well laid out, the overall appearance will be able to make the room look awesome.

Tips for Organizing a Book

What ways can be done so that the arrangement of books on the shelf looks beautiful? It is not difficult and there is not much to add, the most important is to use the “face” of the various books that are most important. Then, pay attention to a few things below. Congratulations on creating to create a beautiful book layout!

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Book Position

The position becomes important so that the composition of the book does not look boring. Books are generally placed in a standing position (vertical) or sleeping (horizontal). This time, try also combining the arrangement of the book on the shelf.

There is no need to worry that the book will look neat, because basically the changes are only how to put the book. For example, books can be arranged to form the letter U (vertical-horizontal-vertical).

Tips for Organizing a Book

Make the shelf look more dynamic by combining the various positions of the book’s placement, whether vertical, horizontal, or combining the two on all sides of the shelf.

If one of the spaces is on a shelf, the book is arranged vertically and horizontally, arranging the book vertically or horizontally in another section. In addition, if bored with a vertical or horizontal position, the book can also be arranged diagonally or tilted.

Accessories on the Rack

Each part of the shelf does not always have to be filled with books. Put some accessories or decorations there so that the look of the shelves and arrangement of the book becomes more interesting. The accessory or artwork can be placed on a book arranged in bed (horizontal).

Tips for Organizing a Book

One of the spaces on the shelf can also only be filled with decorations without books in it so the overall appearance will be more varied. It also aims to provide free space. This empty space can create a neat impression on the shelf and roomy space. So, don’t forget to give a little free space on the shelf when arranging the book!

Book Color and Size

Books can be arranged in many ways, alphabets, author names, or favorite titles. After that, position according to the color or height. That way, a row of books can appear neater, while giving the impression of being well organized.

Arranging by color can be divided into bright and dark bound books, or follow a cover color gradation. When with height, books can be arranged from the highest to the smallest or form a triangular pattern on the top side of the book.


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