6 Creative Levels Home Design Worldwide

The world of design and property is indeed never running out of brilliant ideas that make everyone look away. Including for the level of home design, there are just ways for architects and designers to combine cool features that are all creative.

The design of this creative level house is not only designed with aesthetic purposes, but is also equipped with advanced features that you would not expect before. Lets take a peek 6 creative levels home design below:

1.Super creative home design levels

creative home design levels

It will be difficult if you want to hide in this house located in Japan, except in the bathroom of course. Created by Sou Fujimoto, this level of house design is inspired by the natural lifestyle of the trees. This level of house design looks simple with the division of space that is quite efficient and well ordered. Dare to live in this level of house design?

2.Kokoon – Triple & Portable Home Design

Triple & Portable Home Design

This cute level home design prototype first appeared in Finland in 2016. With the concept of three floors, this level of house design can be built in just 1 day, you know. This level of house design is made by students at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design & Architecture, majoring in wood programs.

The idea of ​​this level of home design initially arose because of the lack of housing facilities in the country of Finland, especially for students or those who are currently becoming temporary shelters. Quite a brilliant and creative idea, yes!

3.Ninja Houses for Spry

levels home design

What nonsense is the architectural team idea of ​​Hiroyuki Shinozaki, this flexible level home design consists of four levels and only relies on climbing stairs to go up and down. The concept is open walls with an open style, so you have to climb to move around.

The first floor is the office and family room, which connects with bookshelf-shaped stairs to the second floor. The second floor and the next function as a relaxing area , bed , kitchen up to the top floor for a storage area .

4. A Level House and Art Gallery

A Level House and Art Gallery

At a glance from the front view, architecture and design of this level of the house may look ordinary. However, this special level house design is specially presented for clients who have unique requests , residential houses as well as art galleries for exhibitions.

The result is GAZE, a level house design that uses a variety of materials and style elements. The first floor uses glass cups that are bordered by concrete walls for privacy, while the rest of the space can be accessed by the public to enjoy art in this level of house design.

5. Cabin Space Residence

Cabin Space Cabin Residence

This attractive level house design stands on a 93 square meter land. The ground floor of this level house design fully uses glass walls while the upper level uses an open concept that is completely green.

Even though it is dominated by transparent glass, the futuristic style of this level of home design still has a high element of privacy. This creative order is smart in utilizing structure as well as material, so that it becomes the most riveting home design.

6. Family Dream Home Slides

Family Dream Home Slides

The Slide Home , aka the sliding house in Japan, is superior in terms of home design, both interior and exterior. Uniquely, this minimalist and simple level home design uses a round style in the corner of the house. And most importantly, this dream level home design uses a slide for the ups and downs. Is it ideal for a family with very young children?

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