10 Fun Mini Bar Designs That Can Make You Happier!

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The kitchen is one of the most essential facilities that must be in a dwelling. The kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but it can also be a place to gather and chat as a dining room or a room to entertain guests. The unification of the kitchen and dining room is usually applied in the form of a kitchen mini bar.

Its function that tends to be used as a social place makes the design of a kitchen mini bar attractive. Here is a reference for 10 fun kitchen mini bar designs that can make you happier!

1. Whatever the style, maximize the lighting in the kitchen mini bar

kitchen mini bar lighting

Ideally, maximum lighting is needed in a kitchen so that you can be more observant during the cooking process, from sorting ingredients, processing dishes, to adjusting the presentation. Feel free to add more lighting to a kitchen mini bar even though there is also a dining area in it.

If you pay attention, usually restaurants have maximum lighting, right? Natural lighting and artificial lighting from optimal lights in the kitchen mini bar can also steal the attention of residents or visiting guests, you know. Bonus, good lighting makes your kitchen mini bar instagramable!

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