7 Room Design with Brick Wall for Thick Industrial Impression

Now, there are lots of finishing options for walls of houses. Each material choice is able to give a different character and design style. For those of you who want to adopt industrial style in residential, brick wall is one of the favorite choices to present a thick industrial impression.

More than just the iconic aesthetics of the industrial style, brick walls have a very strong character that deserves to be the focus of the room. Curious about perfecting industrial home designs ? Take a peek at the various industrial room design with brick wall below.

1. Natural impression with a combination of brick walls and natural materials

combination of brick walls and natural materials

Many people think that using a brick wall requires courage because its very dominant character will make the atmosphere of the room more rigid and cold, typical of the industrial style. However, to make the interior atmosphere of the room become more homey and warmer, you can try combining it with natural wood materials, such as the wooden floor above or in other room elements such as ceilings.

2. Display of white brick in a monochrome room

white brick in a monochrome room

Brick wall is identical to the reddish color typical of brick material. However, if you want to bring a more contemporary impression on the interior of the room, it never hurts to change the color of the walls using paint, such as the white brick wall above. To make the monochrome feel more pronounced, mix it with black or white furniture and decorations.

3. Touch of unfinished plaster on a brick wall

unfinished plaster on a brick wall

The use of exposed brick walls is often applied to industrial interiors to give an unfinished impression. If you want a more dramatic industrial impression of the room, try applying a layer of plaster to only a portion of the brick wall. Leave the rest of the room with a plain design so that the wall becomes a focal point like in the kitchen above.

4. Graffiti from spray paint on brick walls

spray paint on brick walls

Brick walls can also be designed to be more suitable for teenage bedrooms. Choose a mural pattern to be applied with spray paint on a brick wall.

You can freely create images, patterns, or anything else on the wall for a more dynamic look. If you want a stronger industrial impression, you can apply a variety of mural paintings, such as those often found on the streets, on brick walls in your home.

5. Fusion of Brick and Ceramic Walls

Fusion of Brick and Ceramic Walls

Who says you can’t combine brick walls with contrasting and more modern wall finishing materials? For example, the inspiration for the design of exposed brick in this bathroom, where brick on the wall is combined with ceramic on the walls and floor. In addition to relying on the contrast between two different materials, you can also hit a pattern on ceramics and bricks to give a more dynamic and bold image to industrial interiors.

6. Elegant black brick wall

Elegant black brick wall

Industrial style can also look elegant by using brick walls. One way is to coat the black paint on the brick and combine it with various furniture. The combination of dark colors with matching color derivatives will never fail to bring an elegant and classy impression to the room.

7. Brick wall as a statement wall

Brick wall as a statement wall

Its strong character also makes brick walls one of the right ways to present statement walls in a room. Simply by applying exposed brick on one side of the wall, you can already attract attention and provide an interesting focal point on the interior of the room.

After seeing the various inspiring room design with brick wall above, have you found a brick application that is suitable for industrial rooms for your home? Don’t forget, you can also consult the services of renowned interior designers so that the industrial theme raised is more perfect.

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